Hydra Boat Excursions at Otranto from Salento

Porto Badisco, Grotta dei Cervi and Torre Minervino

Porto Badisco is a beach locality situated in the far south end of Otranto. According to literary historians, Porto Badisco was the landing point of Aeneas (the mythical Trojan warrior in Virgil’s epic poem Aeneid) after fleeing from Troy.

Inland of Porto Badisco is the Grotta dei Cervi, a famous cave dating back to the Neolithic period that contains cave paintings made from bat guano depicting hunters, animals and deer (hence, the name of the cave). One of the most famous pictograms in the cave depicts a God-like sorcerer dancing.

Torre Minervino was built on the behest of Charles V in response to aggressive attacks by Saracen pirates and invaders. The Universitas Minervino participated in its historic restoration.

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