Hydra Boat Excursions at Otranto from Salento

Baia Imperia and Baia Morrone

Baia Imperia is another inlet, similar to Remito, sheltered from the sea by the sirocco winds. The bay is only accessible by boat. Here, visitors can observe spring waterfalls gushing down from the rocks.

Baia Morrone is another bay with beautiful blue and green waters, protected from the northern winds.

It is the ideal place to stop for a swim! Thanks to its sandy bottom, the bay offers plenty of protection for snorkelers wanting to explore the sea. The water is a light green color similar to the Caribbean Sea. Baia Morrone is only accessible by boat. Visitors are invited to play with the bay’s famous green clay boulders whose properties are soothing to the skin. There are several fresh water springs throughout the bay which offer a nice cooling off on a hot summer day.

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