Santo Stefano and Baia dei Turchi

Santo Stefano is located just north of the town. It gets its name from a famous tower built by “Paduano Baxi”. Construction on the tower began in 1567; it was partially destroyed during World War II. Today, two of the four walls of the tower remain standing. The tower has been incorporated into the “Le Cale d’Otranto” resort, formerly known as Club Med.

Baia dei Turchi (Bay of the Turks) is located immediately after Santo Stefano and before the beaches of Alimini. It is one of the most famous beaches in Salento and is believed to be the landing spot of Turkish warriors during the siege of Otranto in the 15th century.

Sandy and pristine, Baia dei Turchi is part of the esteemed “Oasi protetta dei Laghi Alimini” (“Protected Oasis of Alimini Lakes”), one of the most important ecosystems in Salento and Puglia.

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