Hydra Boat Excursions at Otranto from Salento

Canale S. Pietro and Grotta Monaca

Located on the south end of Grotta Monaca is Canale San Pietro, a beautiful tributary sectioned off by surrounding cliffs.

Grotta Monaca gets its name from the “foca monaca” or, “Mediterranean monk seals” which inhabited the cave many years ago. These rare creatures sought sanctuary in the clear waters of the grotto.

The cave is about 85 meters deep and is composed of two chambers. The main room is accessible from the sea while the second room is connected to the first via a tunnel of about 25 meters. In this tunnel lives one of the largest colonies of bats in Salento.

From here onwards, cliffs overhang the sea, and the backdrops, covered by white sand, stretch out into the Caribbean-like waters. The sea changes color based on depth, from the transparent clear shore to an emerald green, then moving slightly away from the coastline, a deep blue.

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