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Remito and Mulino d'Acqua

Remito is a small cove offering shelter from the scirocco winds. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and accessible only by boat!

Here one can observe the effects of numerous landslides that have shaped the land’s geography over the years. Due to the infiltration of rainwater into the bedrock, the surrounding caves have partially collapsed, resulting in magnificent skies for visitors wanting to dive into the clear water.

The bay of Mulino d’Acqua gets its name from the water mills used to harness hydro-energy along the coastline. It is accessible by boat.

Here, visitors will discover four caves near the beach. In the grotto closest to the beach, there is a large hole in the ceiling, the product of years of water seepage into soft soils, resulting in the partial collapse of the rock walls. Two of the caves are connected by a tunnel which visitors can swim through. The best part of the tour is the beautiful color of the water on the outskirts of the caves; sparkling blue cobalt, the product of light refraction from the rock walls. In each cave, visitors can observe numerous pigeons nesting in the crevices. Here the water is very low and does not allow the boat to enter. However, visitors are welcome to dive in and swim through the caves for a better view!

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