Hydra Boat Excursions at Otranto from Salento

Alimini and Frassanito

The beaches of Alimini extend from the southern end of the Baia dei Turchi to the fraction of Frassanito.

This region gets its name from “Laghi Alimini”; two separate lakes, a freshwater and a saltwater lake, that stream into the sea to form Alimini beach.

The beach, located next to the saltwater lake, is made up of private bathing establishments and large stretches of white and free sand.

About 100 meters from the beach is a site known as “2 Mori” where visitors can still see the remains of “Dimitrios” (a famous shipwreck), which ran aground on the shoals of Alimini in 1978. The Greek commerce ship (approximately 61 meters in length and weighing roughly 498 tons) was carrying starchy foods. Dimitrios ran aground on December 19th at precisely 4:00 am. Historians believe the ship began tilting to the right side with the revolt bow towards Otranto. Just ten meters from the shore, the crew and captain (‘Captain Larpatos’) quickly abandoned ship, leaving its cargo unattended. Locals who heard of the wreck attempted to plunder the ship’s grain holds. However, the sea was too strong and as soon as the holds were opened water penetrated the ship’s compartments ruining much of the merchandise and draining grain into the sea.  Locals were able to loot the ship’s instruments and furniture before being forced back to land.

The last part of Otranto is Frassanito. This fraction is frequented by surfers, especially kite surfers, from all over the world. Thanks to the unique conformation of the territory, winds and waves intersect to create the ideal weather conditions for adventure tourists.

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