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At Hydra, we try our best to respond to each customer’s request! If you do not receive an answer on your first try it is because we are otherwise engaged. Rest assured we will attempt to contact you as soon as possible. During July and August, due to heavy telephone traffic, it is not always possible to respond to missed calls, so we invite you to call back later. Hydra apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this might cause.

Operation headquarters and boarding

Via del Porto
73028 Otranto (Le)
How to take part in one of the excursions?

When calling or sending an email, please indicate your willingness to partake in an excursion by providing a date (or better yet, a range of dates), your name, a contact number (this number will be used for confirmation calls), and the total number of people for the reservation (please include children or infants who ride for free, as they still count towards the maximum number of passenger allowed onboard).
In the event we are unable to carry out the tour on the date requested, you will be offered an alternative tour date based on availability.

When we will contact you to confirm the booking?

We will call the day prior to your reservation, around 20:00, to confirm the details of the boat tour as well as the total number of passengers expected onboard. We will attempt to call you first at the phone number provided during the time of the reservation. However, if that is not possible we can always contact your hotel reception (please provide the hotel name and room number) or send a confirmation email. If we are unable to get a hold of you to acknowledge your group’s presence on the boat, we may have to give away your spot based on availability. Sometimes confirmation calls will be given as soon as a reservation is made, depending on the date and time the reservation is made.

What happens if you do not reach the minimum number of passengers or if weather conditions are unfavorable?

Boat excursions are subject to postponement and/or cancelation depending on weather conditions. Excursions are performed only if sea conditions allow it. In the event of poor weather or an insufficient number of passengers, we may have to postpone or even cancel a boat tour. Safety always comes first! In the event that weather conditions prevent hiking excursions, passengers will not be able to take swimming breaks during certain stops. In both these situations, Hydra will offer alternative excursions dates at the time of confirmation.

Is it necessary to pay a deposit when confirming the booking?

Hydra DOES NOT require a deposit with boat reservations, except reservation of the entire boat, numerous groups, birthdays, stag/hen parties and personalized excursions. However, in order to avoid problems due to cancellations, we ask that you kindly notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your reservation.

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Indirizzo per l'imbarco

Via del porto
73028 Otranto (LE)

Indirizzo per l'imbarco

Via del Porto, 1, 73028 Otranto LE, Italia

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Via del Porto
73028 Otranto (LE)

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tel. +39 347 5474938 (Antonio)
tel. +39 389 7807073 (Lorenzo)

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